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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Honduras is Broke

Eighteen days after Porfirio Lobo Sosa takes office, the country of Honduras will run out of cash and be unable to pay its debts without the help of international aid, says Gabriela Nuñez. The only way the country has survived the last six months is by living off its cash income and paying its debts off in a prioritized fashion, or rather, not paying some of them. "The most important thing is to comply with the priorities," she said, "even if there are pending payments that remain....its a work from week to week."

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chela said...

I notice that the original article does not include the cost of military repression in their list of debts. I wonder if they were able to pay cash as they went along? That tricked out L12 million armored car is *sweet.*

Also, if anyone knows where/how to confirm the US$80-100 million stolen by the de facto government from ALBA/Petrocaribe, it would be appreciated. I can only find the agreement itself.