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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

European Union Condemns Killings in Honduras

The European Union, yesterday, issued a press release condemning the assassination resistance members and de facto government supporters and called on authorities in Honduras to conduct a "deep and transparent" investigation. The press release singled out the killings of Karol Cabrera, daughter of a journalist, and Walter Trochez, an LGBT activist and resistance member.

"The European Union reminds the Honduran authorities that they have an obligation to protect human rights, including the freedom of expression, and to guarantee the security of all the people in Honduras."

The National Police have since identified the alleged killers of Karol Cabrera as supporters of a particular soccer team and suggested her killing was over a soccer rivalry. They have yet to make any public statements about the abduction and beheading of Walter Trochez, or any of the more than 15 other LGBT people found killed in a similar fashion since June 28.

The EU president called on Honduras to do "all that it can to guarantee the safety of human rights workers" and to not discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender. The US State Department has so far remained silent on these killings.

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chela said...

With all the beheadings and horrific violence that have occurred, it's understandable that you'd think Walter was also beheaded. He was shot to death. I believe there was another LGBT member that was beheaded and mutilated a few days later, I don't think that person was ever identified.