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Friday, December 11, 2009

Zelaya, Lobo Agree To Meet

EFE reports, along with many other sources, that Porfirio Lobo Sosa and Manuel Zelaya Rosales have agreed to meet Monday to try to put an end to the political crisis in Honduras, announced Dominican President Leonel Fernández. The meeting will take place in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. President Fernández said:

"We hope that with this decision, there will be no difficulty for President Zelaya to leave Honduras and that there won't be any conditions or obstruction on the part of the de facto government so that he can travel to the Dominican Republic.....If the president elect is in agreement to support this dialog, if this is demanded by the international community there should be no impediment."


Nell said...

Fernandez has been terrific for many months now in regional venues; this is a great way for him to make a real contribution.

Caonabo said...

I wish Fernandez the best and hope some solution is achieved, but internally in the DR his popularity is a bit on unsteady ground. Many DR politicians were upset when earlier this week Fernandez invited Lobo to Santo Domingo. Originally he was supposed to have arrived last Thursday, but suddenly canceled that trip and now we have these initiatives.

RNS said...

Its a dead issue now, since Fernandez has announced that the de facto government has placed impossible conditions on Zelaya leaving Honduras.

The original meeting on Thursday was also to be with Zelaya, according to Pepe, but interestingly Ricardo Martinelli told him it was cancelled the day before Zelaya was to leave Honduras.

Fernandez faced opposition from those in the Dominican Republic who don't feel Lobo should be let in the country because of his ties to the golpista de facto government. They don't want Fernandez to recognize him as legitimate president-elect.