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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unilateral Unity Government Call

Rafael Pineda Ponce, Minister to the de facto President, Roberto Micheletti, has literally repeated the act that blew up the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord the first time. He has reissued letters to the presidents of the political parties, and the Union Civica Democratica, an aggregation of right wing organizations that support his government, and Manuel Zelaya, requesting names. Pineda Ponce said:

"I have sent notes to be given to the presidents of the parties, the UCD, and to ex-president Zelaya, so that in the most pure spirit of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord they propose 10 citizens with the capabilities and sufficient merit to aspire to Secretary of State or high posts in the government, so that, from them, the President of the Republic, can form a cabinet of reconciliation and national unity."

The problem with this should be obvious. Ricardo Lagos, member of the verification commission which supervises the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord compliance by both sides, called it a complete violation of the accord last time. Roberto Micheletti, illegitimate de facto president, is not empowered by the accord to unilaterally pick who forms part of the national unity government, and that's what he proposes to do. The accord is specific, their representatives that are part of the verification commission are supposed to negotiate the conformation of the unity government.

Pineda Ponce continued:
"If we cannot form it this time, this government has the responsibility and commitment to go to the 27 of January and publicly convey the government to the next president"
Zelaya has again declined to participate in this sham compliance with the accord. Rasel Tomé told EFE:
"President Zelaya has reiterated that he will never endorse the coup regime of Micheletti and 'he's not sending no list to no one' "


Unknown said...

Umm, you confused me. Your posts admits that Zelaya would not participate in a "sham" unity government, but when I pointed that out a few days ago, you said it was false.

RAJ said...

Aaron, you really need to pay attention, because this is the last time we will answer this comment:

(1) sequences of events matter. Micheletti now and previously acted unilaterally. That is against the concept of negotiation and cannot produce unity or reconciliation. Your claim was and continues to be that President Zelaya created the crisis in the formation of the unity government; you do not acknowledge, to quote Ricardo Lagos, that Micheletti broke the Accord by initiating unilaterally what should have been a negotiated process mediated by the Verification Commission whose members explicitly called fir Mcheletti to resign and play no part in the unity government.

(2) your claim, which we debunked and you now conveniently ignore, was that President Zelaya refused to collaborate on the formation of a unity government by the original deadline merely because Congress had not voted on restoring the legal executive branch. We never denied Presiden Zelaya refused to take part in Micheletti's attempt to coopt the formation of such a government. We corrected your description of cause and effect which misrepresents historical events.

This is the last time we will post your comments on this. We have explained it enough times.

Meno said...

I think it also needs to be clarified here that Aaron Ortiz is connected to in the right wingers in the guise of La Gringa from La Gringasblogicito. Aaron has been connected to La Gringa for quite some time. She even advertised his blog on her blog, and he also used to advertise her blog on his blog and they go way back together.

He has been for quite some time an advid supporter of her right wing blog which has been instrumental in keeping people off the beaten track concerning Honduras, Zelaya, and the politics of the scene in Honduras. Aaron Ortiz aka Pienseve(I may have misspelled that) as he is known to many in the blog scene, supports La Gringa and her right wing agenda, and has supported her since before the crisis even took hold. Every post he has made on her blog has supported her lies, her half truths, and her right wing agenda in Honduras.

Of special note, Aaron goes out and questions every other blog in the opposition by first asking relevant, but sneaky questions, meant to lull the blogger into a false sense of security, in that he has to answer and then re-answer questions over and over until Aaron finally moves in for the kill. This is, and has been, a tactic of those who support La Gringa and her views. They are on every blog, every forum, everywhere in the media, making sure that their voice is heard and everyone else's voice is drowned out.

Their tactics are always the same. Zelaya was allied with Chavez, Zelaya was legally removed, everything we in the opposition say is wrong, and only real Hondurans know what is going on and they support Micheletti.

I wanted to clarify this just so everyone is aware that Aaron goes around everywhere he can doing the same exact things, questioning people on their knowledge, their attitudes, and then their tactics. This is how Aaron and La Gringa operate. La Gringa sends out her crew to destabilize, misinform or spread disinformation on any blog or media outlet that discusses Honduras. Aaron though uses cleaner tactics, but tactics none the less, that are meant to drive other people off the cliff with his inane talking points or scripts that are repeated everywhere he goes.

So I just thought we should clarify Mr. Ortiz and his allegiances, and also his desire to spread the word of La Gringa far and wide. Sorry Aaron, but everywhere I go I see you, and its getting old quite frankly. You know all the answers to the questions before you ask them, and everywhere you go its always the same questions or the same tactics used. Some people know you, others don't, so i thought to do everyone a favor and just say here you are, and here is what you do and here is who you are connected to.

And not that you should not have an opinion or that you should not be heard, but just let people know that you are a La Gringa booster and part of her crew. That way people will know who they are dealing with when it comes to answering your questions. Thanks Aaron..