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Friday, December 4, 2009

Next Farcical Step

The next farcical step in the ballet choreographed by the State Department is being danced in Honduras. Porfirio Lobo, the president-elect in the election of last Sunday, called on Roberto Micheletti Bain to form a government of national unity and reconciliation, as the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord called for a month ago. Lobo said this government should be formed independently. Lobo said that this was vital for his recognition.

Lobo said he understood that there were different opinions circulating about the accord, like that of Ricardo Lagos, but that that was normal, and that all parties should press forward to comply with the agreement.

"With the decision of Congress, we are complying with the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord...and pending is the formation of a government of a government of reconciliation and the truth commission."

Tiempo perceives Lobo as asking Micheletti to conform the government, but there is ambiguity in the reporting over just who Lobo thinks should form the government, and be part of it. What is clear is that Lobo does not believe Zelaya himself should be part of the government, since he said after the election "Zelaya is history".


Tommy said...

Compare Lobo's
"Zelaya is history"
With BBC's
"But how do you reinstate a president, if the government, with popular backing, refuses to co-operate?"

See the consistency? It is ridculous to see how International media are so explicitly singing the same hymn sheet with the golpistas!

Caonabo said...

Interesting article about the manipulation of the electoral results in Honduras.

Anonymous said...

Nicaragua just called the US position, in effect, the Bad Neighbor Policy. I am pretty sure the reference was deliberate. Everyone is roasting Honduras, giving very little cover to the US, and Roy Chaderton hasn't even had his time at bat.

Lewis Amselem is out, but I didn't catch the name of the new delegate. Welcome to your first day on the job, sir!