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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cracks in the Micheletti Faction: Carlos Flores to Oscar Arias

A Honduran colleague sends the following news, also being published in other Spanish-language news media. I translate the entire note I received, including the explanations of who's who by my trusted correspondent.

Felix Molina is a correspondent of the Jesuit radio station, Radio Progreso. Yesterday he made known the fax that the ex-president, Carlos Flores, sent to Arias. Flores has been singled out as the ideologue behind the coup and represents the interests of the oligarchy. He, since the editorial in
La Tribuna last week, has been unbinding himself from and denying any participation in the coup. President Arias made known that Flores sent this fax.

The counter-proposal of Micheletti is being interpreted by some as the posture of a wing of the Nacionalist Party that participated in the coup and that has two negotiators of recognized Nationalist affiliation, the spurious Chancellor Lopez Contreras, and Vilma Morales. Corrales also is close to the Nationalists, although he belongs to the Christian Democrat party. The analysis of Molina this afternoon is that the posture of the Nationalists is weighing more in the negotiations.

From: Felix Molina

The proposal of Flores to Arias

Last night the Liberal ex-president Carlos Flores sent to Oscar Arias the following text, as suggestions for the final declaration from San Jose, in contradiction of the negative of the Micheletti delegation, which rejected the return of Zelaya to power.

Both parties commit to guaranteeing the physical safety of the other in any scenario.

Both parties commit, for a term of six months, to a moratorium in taking any legal action against the other for actions carried out before the 1st of July, 2009.

Both parties commit to retake their oaths to the Constitution and Laws of Honduras, as well as to submit to the authority granted to governmental institutions by the Constitution.

Both parties express their remorse for the loss of confidence of the people of Honduras in the Constitution and the Government occasioned by the recent events and swear that they will exert themselves in reconstructing this confidence through transparency.

Both parties commit to the trustworthy fulfillment of the present calendar for the general elections of this November and swear to permit the preparations to proceed free of any interference or manipulation.

Both parties commit to not incur any attempt to suspend, alter, or carry out any consultation at a national level in reference to the Constitution of the Republic for a term of one year.

Both parties welcome the OAS for the formation of a temporary commission that will provide technical consulting about the implementation of this accord and the preparations for the general elections.

Both parties agree to establish a Truth Commission with well-defined goals, whose members will be chosen and accepted by all the interested parties.

Under these solemn conditions, both parties commit to the restoration in a peaceful manner of President Manuel "Mel" Zelaya Rosales for the period of the remainder of his term.

Both parties, together, will formally meet, as soon as possible, with the National Congress and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Honduras to review, explain, and gain consensus of the Legislative Power and the Judicial Power to the agreed upon conditions.

Both parties agree to jointly order the Armed Forces and the National Police (the security forces) to desist and avoid arbitrary arrests, and any violation of the liberty of the person, the liberty of expression, the liberty of movement, and any other democratic liberty guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic.

The Armed Forces and Police obligated to fulfill their constitutional functions and pass to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. The present authorities guarantee stability in their commands.

Both parties will abstain from promoting or encouraging demonstrations against the electoral process or that promote insurrection, civil disobedience, illegal conduct or anything that would lead to violence or violation of the Law.

Respect the budget approved in Congress.

Verification of the accords with wide representation.

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